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Government Gazette, 25 July 2021

Government Gazette 25 Jul 2021

Mandatory Vaccinations – Can the government constitutionally require that everyone be vaccinated against COVID-19? (Part 1 – Daily Maverick)

In recent times there have been many opinions and speculations as to whether the public will be forced to take vaccinations to protect against the COVID-19 pandemic.  Although it is not currently mandatory for anyone to be vaccinated, this may very well become the case.

This 3-part article published by the Daily Maverick puts things into perspective.

Mandatory Vaccinations – Section 8 of the OHS Act and how it applies to vaccinations for workers (Part 2 – Daily Maverick)

Part two of this three-part series discusses Section 8 of the OHS Act and how it plays a role in mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations.

Mandatory Vaccinations – Vaccines are our passports to economic and social recovery from COVID-19 (Part 3 – Daily Maverick)

Can universities, stadiums, gyms, shebeens, pubs, and restaurants constitutionally restrict entrance to the unvaccinated? And can airlines, trains, buses, and taxis constitutionally require proof of vaccination to board?

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